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7/18/12 Adding 110 Sasanian coins; finishing up section. Then a large Islamic group.

4/13/12 Revised the Toiling Midgets section. Revised my Discography.

7/21/10 I have finally changed over all the small thumbnails to 300 x 150 pixels and stitched together all separate obverse and reverse scans. Whew... Added Western Satraps as separate section.
Incredibly, as of today I have been working on this project for 14 years.

6/1/10 Renovated Hunnic (long overdue, sorry), Byzantine, Arab-Byzantine and Islamic sections.

5/1/10 Now that I once again have a working scanner, I'm in the process of adding many hundreds of Islamic, Sasanian, Hunnic and Byzantine coins.

2/1/07 Added the sixth through eighth parts of the Robert W. Schaaf collection of Sasanian coins; re-worked the Sasanian and Arab-Sasanian mint charts.

1/1/06 Beginning the new image format; 1250 x 625 pixels with 200 x 100 pixel thumbnails.

1/1/05 Added the fourth and fifth parts of the Robert W. Schaaf collection of Sasanian coins.

6/1/03 Added the third part of the Robert W. Schaaf collection of Sasanian coins.

5/1/02 Adding another 150 Sasanian coins; still haven't worked up the Hunnic stuff, sorry.

4/1/02 The whole site was down for the entire month of april because of the geniuses at Verio; moved the site to Earthlink.

10/1/01 Added the second part of the Robert W. Schaaf collection of Sasanian coins.

4/1/01 Renovated the Sasanian mint section and the Kushano-Sasanian and Kidarite pages. Added a nice group of Armenian bronzes, a group of Ummayad bronzes and the Richard Bilak collection of Turkoman figural bronzes. This summer i'll be renovating the Hunnic section (adding over 100 coins) and adding large groups of Chinese, Indian and Islamic coins.

12/1/00 Added the first part of the Robert W. Schaaf collection of Sasanian coins.

7/1/00 Added portions of the Jamison T. Graff collection of Oriental coins and reworked the Sasanian section indexes and the mint info.

6/1/00 Added the William B. Warden, Jr. collection of Sasanian coins.

4/22/00 the chronology of the Kushan, Kushanshah and Kidarite sections has been altered (again).

2/24/00 i've added approximately 50 Sasanian, 30 Chinese, 30 Turcoman, 15 Arabian and Near Eastern coins over the past two months. also, a large group of Chaghanian AR (in the Central Asian section) and a group of unusual Indo-Parthian coins. both the main index and the Islamic index have been totally reworked.

1/1/00 many, many adds (over the last 4 months) to the Kushan, Islamic, Hephthalite, Sasanian, Parthian, Byzantine, Central Asian pages and others.

7/1/99 adds to most sections; over 170 new items.

1/24/99 adds to the Zengid, Artuqid, Sasanian, Byzantine, Armenian, Indo-Scythian and Indian pages. finished adding the die axis info for all the coins listed.

11/15/98 adds to the Kushan, Islamic, Hephthalite, Sasanian, Byzantine, Central Asian, Characene and Indian pages. added part 4 of Paul Hood's Toiling Midget saga.

10/5/98 new sections on the Kings of Scythia, Bosporus, the Sacaraucae and Armenia. many more adds to the Kushan, Islamic, Hephthalite, Sasanian, Parthian, Byzantine, Central Asian, Characene, Persis pages and others. the Sasanian pages are now also organized by mint, complete with tables listing the Pahlavi mint signatures. a table of Pahlavi dates will be added shortly.

7/27/98 many, many adds (over the last 2 months) to the Kushan, Islamic, Hephthalite, Sasanian, Parthian, Byzantine, Central Asian pages and others. added the Oriental Numismatic Society (ONS) site. deleted the 'quick tour' page; i'll come up with something better (later).

5/2/98 many adds (over the last month) to the Kushan, Islamic, Hephthalite, Sasanian, Parthian, Byzantine, Central Asian pages and others.

3/12/98 adds to the Islamic, Hephthalite, Byzantine and Chinese pages.

2/14/98 adds to the Islamic pages.

1/14/98 renovated the tom mallon-mccorgray section. added references to all the coin pages and a reference/bibliography page. added to the Indian and Hephthalite pages. all coin pages will now open a new browser window when an image is selected. in Netscape 3 and Explorer 3, a new window for each image (you can have several images open at once); in Netscape 4 only one extra window (?) (you would have to select 'New Web Browser' to compare more than one image). every time i fix something, some moron un-fixes it...

1/8/98 adds to the Sasanian, Kushan, Kidarite, Parthian, Kushano-Sasanian and Byzantine pages. received some bad news today; Dr. Robert Gobl died December 8th. he authored numerous books and articles on the Sasanians, Kushans and Iranian Huns, among others.

12/24/97 Romaion/Byzantine page done (for now). renovated history/numismatic links page. added to the Zengid page. lots of info added to the Arab-Sasanian page. adds to the Sasanian, Parthian, Judaean and Indo-Greek pages.

12/9/97 added Begteginid and Arab-Byzantine pages; added stuff to the Artuqid and Ayyubid pages. finished the re-scan of all the Sasanian stuff, 'quick tour' and Romaion/Byzantine pages still under construction.

12/4/97 renovated the Kushan page dates (again); added stuff to the Artuqid page.

11/27/97 added some Kidarite AE and a Hephthalite, Kushan, Jouan-jouan and Mauryan coin. almost finished re-scanning all the Sasanian.

11/10/97 added another page of Paul's Toiling Midget story.

11/9/97 renovated Boo's page; added more drawings and a lovely story about a killer mummy.

11/5/97 added map of Central Asia (under construction), added to Romaion/Byzantine page, 'quick tour' page still under construction.

10/24/97 new Romaion/Byzantine page, new Indian, Central Asian and Sasanian stuff. added 'quick tour' page (under construction).

10/23/97 completely renovated Hephthalite, Kidarite, Kushano-Sasanian and Kushan pages; added a bunch of stuff, re-scanned everything, etc.

10/7/97 added 2 Parthian coins; changed some text color to increase legibility.

9/17/97 added a Chinese coin: Schjoth 239, a tetradrachm of Azes II, two Arab-Sasanian coins, the Khmer index and re-configured the Hephthalite page once again.

8/26/97 added new history/numismatic links. fixed some stupid mistakes on India page 3.

8/12/97 renovated Hephthalite page; removed Kidarite coins and made new index.

8/9/97 removed Kushan coins from India page 2 and made new index; changed 'Soter Megas' to Vima Taktu per Richard N. Frye 'The Heritage of Central Asia' Markus Wiener/Princeton 1996.

8/7/97 renovated history/numismatic links page

8/6/97 added 4 Chinese coins: Schjoth 58, 438v., 1099, 1322

8/96 - 7/97 work

7/21/96 first page uploaded.