[toiling midgets]

p h o t o s

Virgil (12) reading prose and Tom at OmniCircus, 2011

Left to right: Craig, Mark and Tom, May, 2011

Erich Werner

Cafe DuNord, July 2009

Erich and Mark Sullivan at Dirkfest, 2007

Haight Street Fair, 2007

Left to right: Tom, Erich, Craig, Paul
Golden Gate Park, 1995
(photo: Gail Butensky)

Tom's blood c. 1994

Left to right: Mark Sullivan, Erich, Paul, Tom (hidden behind Erich: Craig)
The Bottom of the Hill, October 1994
(photo: Samuel Bortnick)

"Making Waves" Festival - Outside on Market Street under a freeway that doesn't exist anymore. Paul playing bass; Erich playing guitar.
(photo: M. C. Mallon)

Midgets, left to right: Erich, Craig (in shadows), Tom, Paul

Northwest shows 1993, David Ripley on right

Joe Goldring

Eitzel, Tim, Lisa, Craig and Paul, circa 1991

Lisa Davis, 1991

American Music Club, 1988
Left to right: Dan Pearson, Tom, Vudi, Mark Eitzel

Mark Eitzel, 1985
(photo: Vudi)

Annie Ungar and Paul at the Stone 1983
(photo: Bob Shattuck)

Annie Ungar

Aaron, Annie and Paul

Aaron Gregory

Gun Club - Annie and Jeffrey, 1982

Gun Club; Annie on right, 1982

Nosmo (Jonathon Hendrickson)

Pacific Stereo, 1981

Eastern Front, Summer 1981
Jonathan, Tim, Craig and Paul; Ricky hiding

Craig and Paul 1980

Sleepers: Ricky Williams, Tim Mooney, Paul Draper, Michael Belfer
(photo: James Stark)

Ricky Williams and Michael Belfer, circa 1980
(photo: James Stark)

Negative Trend: Craig on far left, Todd, Rozz, Will Shatter, at Mab circa 1977
(photo: R. Gray)

Avengers - Negative Trend show: Rozz and Will in background [behind Penelope's head])

Crime, left to right: Johnny, Ricky, Frankie, Ron

Ricky and Denise Semrau (De De Troit)
(photo: James Stark)

Ricky Williams, December 1976
(photo: James Stark)

Craig Gray

Photo of Craig and Paul on index page: S. Yeager

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