m u l t i - m e d i a, l i v e  r e c o r d i n g
f i l m a n d t h e a t r e

f i l m

'Jackin' The Ball'
Broun Fellinis/Tom Ze/Tortoise/Isotope 217/Steve Turre's Sanctified Shells
Dir. by Mike Jordan (2002)

'Cheerleader Autopsy'
Gone Jackals
Dir. by Stuart Dodge (2001)

'Howard Stern's Private Parts' 1 track
Chris Isaak
Dir. by Betty Thomas (1997)

'Alone Together: Young Adults Living With H.I.V.' 2 tracks
Wade (Karl J. Goldring and Eve Bekker)
Dir. by Steven Okazaki (1995)

'Steal America' 2 tracks
Clara Bellino/Flying Monkeys & dialog replacement
Dir. by Lucy Phillips (1993)

'Vegas In Space'
Bob Davis; Ramona Fisher
Dir. by Phillip R. Ford (1991)

'The Cutting Edge' 1 track
Chris Isaak
Dir. by Paul Michael Glasser (1991)

'Shag: The Movie' 1 track
Chris Isaak
Dir. by Zelda Barrow (1989)

'North Shore' 1 track
Chris Isaak
Dir. by William Phelps (1987)

'Blue Velvet' 2 tracks
Chris Isaak
Dir. by David Lynch (1986)

'Modern Girls' 1 track
Chris Isaak
Dir. by Jerry Kramer (1986)

'Fright Show'
Lawrence Kassin - Score 'Illegal Alien'
Dir. by Jeffrey Baker (1985)

'Dark Circle'
Lawrence Kassin - Partial Score
Dir. by Judy Irving, Chris Beaver (1982)

'With and Without Nuts'
Partial Score
Dir. by Eugene Bronstein (1982)

'Hardware Wars'
Partial Score
Dir. by Ernie Fosselius (1980)
t h e a t r e

'Obedience School'
Nightfire/Snake Theatre
Gnat Music/Nick Urbaniak

'Beauty Science'
Nightfire/Snake Theatre
Gnat Music/Roy Marcom

Soon 3
Bob Davis

'The Architecture of Catastrophic Change'
George Coates Performance Works
Marc Ream
m u l t i - m e d i a

'Getty DigitalLab/Digital Experience' Installation at
the Getty Museum/CD ROM
Getty Information Institute
Gravitech/Tom Bland

Levi Strauss and Company
Nationwide In-Store Ad
Gravitech/Tom Bland

The Body Shop
Worldwide In-house CD ROM
Gravitech/Tom Bland

Streetlight Records
Regional Television Ad
Gravitech/Tom Bland

Ninth House/'Fool's Gold'
Interactive CD ROM
Gravitech/Tom Bland

Neocom Showroom Ad
Gravitech/Tom Bland

Regional Television/Radio Ad

Regional Television/Radio Ad
l i v e  r e c o r d i n g s
American Music Club (Hotel Utah)
Battalion Of Saints
Black Flag
Broun Fellinis (Civic Center BART Station)
Channel 3
Chron Gen
Circle Jerks
Circle One
Code Of Honor
Deadly Reign
El Destroyo (Cafe du Nord)
F.U.s (Boston)
Flipper (Elite Club/Fillmore; Eastern Front)
Free Beer
Husker Du
Impatient Youth (Elite Club/Fillmore)
Chris Isaak (Target Video)
Isotope 217 (Bottom of the Hill)
Jody Foster's Army
Laaz Rocket
Map of Wyoming (Cafe du Nord)
Meat Puppets
Middle Class
Neighborhood Watch
Personality Crisis
Shattered Faith
Steve Turre's Sanctified Shells - featuring Jon Faddis and Pharoah Sanders (Yoshi's, Oakland)
Suicidal Tendencies
Tarentel (Bottom of the Hill)
Toiling Midgets
Wasted Youth
Wild Women Of Borneo (Elite Club/Fillmore)
Tom Ze w/Tortise (Bimbo's 365 Club)
Earl Zero

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