[sasanian vase]

k i n g s'  n a m e
c o n c o r d a n c e

Sasanian Names

Regnal name concordance; I've left out all the diacriticals.

(as they appear on coins)
'rthstr Ardaxshir Ardashir Ardasher Ardeshir Artashir Ardashir Ardaxshir Ardashir Ardashir Ardashir Ardashir Ardashir
shpwhr' Shabuhr Shapur Shapur Shapur Shapur Shabur Shabuhr Shapur Shapur Shapur Shapur Shapur
'whrmzd' Ohrmazd Hormizd Hormizd Hormazd Hormazd Hormizd Ohrmazd Hormazd Hormizd Hormizd Hormizd Hormizd
wrhr'n Vahram Bahram Varhran Varahran Varhran Bahram Wahram Bahram Varahran Bahram Varhran Bahram
nrsh' Narseh Narseh Narseh Narseh Narseh Narseh Narse Narseh Nerseh Narseh Narseh Narseh
yzdkrt' Yazdgird Yazdgard Yazdgard Yazdegard Yazdgard Yazdagird Yazdagird Yazdgerd Yazdagird Yazdagird Yazdgard Yazdgird
pyrwc' Peroz Peroz Peroz Peroz Firuz Peroz Peroz Piruz Peroz Peroz Peroz Peroz
wlk'hs Valaxsh Valkash Valkash Valkash Valkash Walash Walaxsh Valkash Valash Valakhsh Valkash [?]
kw't' Kavad Kavad Kavad Kavad Kavad Kawad Kawad Kavadh Kavad Kavad Kavad Kavad
z'm'sp or z'm Jamasp Zamasp Zamasp Zamasp Zamasp Jamasp Jamasp Jamasp Zamasp Zamasp Zamasp [?]
hwsrwd' or hwsrwb' Husrav Khusrau Xusro Khusru Khusru Khusraw Xusraw Xosrow Chosroes Khosrow Khusro Khosrow
wsthm Vistahm Bistam Vistahm Vistahm Vistahm [not listed] Wistahm Vistahm [not listed] [not listed] Vistahm [?]
bwr'n' Boran Buran Buran Boran Buran Burandukht Boran Buran Boran Puran [?] [?]
'crmykdwht' Azarmig-duxt Azarmedukht [not listed] Azarmidukht Azarmidukht Azarmigdukht Azarmindost Azarmikdoxt [not listed] Azarmigdukht [?] [?]

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T. K. Mallon-McCorgray, July 1996

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