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s a s a n i a n  d a t e s

november, 2008

Based on Mochiri's tables of dates (circa Khusro I through Khusro II), with a newer transliteration scheme; variations abound. I'll probably end up changing it some more...

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Pahlavi (Middle Persian) is read from right to left. Many letterforms are similar: B and Y; R and L; D and K; G and Z; U, V, W and N.

(also written as x and ch)
ts, ch č
sh š

1 ‘ywk’ 17 ḥptdḥ 33 syčsyḥ
2 tlyn 18 ḥštdḥ 34 čḥlsyḥ
3 tlt‘ 19 nwčdḥ 35 pnčsyḥ
4 ‘rb‘ 20 wyst’ 36 ššsyḥ
5 ḥwmš‘ 21 y‘čwyst’ 37 ḥptsyḥ
6 št‘ 22 dwčwyst’ 38 ḥštsyḥ
7 šb‘ 23 syčwyst’ 39 nwčsyḥ
8 twmn' 24 čḥlwyst’ 40 čḥl’
9 tš‘ 25 pnčwyst’ 41 y'čḥl
10 ‘šl‘ 26 ššwyst’ 42 dw'čḥl
11 y‘čdḥ 27 ḥptwyst’ 43 sčḥl
12 dw‘čdḥ 28 ḥštwyst’ 44 čḥlčḥl
13 syčdḥ 29 nwḥwyst’ 45 pnčḥl
14 čḥldḥ 30 syḥ 46 šščḥl
15 pnčdḥ 31 y‘čsyḥ 47 ḥptčḥl
16 š‘čdḥ 32 dwčsyḥ 48 ḥštčḥl

T. K. Mallon-McCorgray, July 1996

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